Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maa Ka Pyaar

My friend’s mom had come for Madhushravani puja. I, with my other friends went to her house for the last day puja. That day you are supposed to eat as much sweet dishes as you can.

We all did the puja and then it was time for some prashad. We all sat and aunty started serving and then the serving went on and on…..Kheer, ladoos, fruits, rasgullas, dry fruits, barfis and so on. Too much of sweets, we were all tired of eating. And then while leaving, aunty said, “Have some puri sabji?”

We were not in a position to drink even water but moms are moms. They are the experts of emotional blackmail when it comes to feeding the kids. Even after denying for so many times at last we did not have any option left than to agree. Deal was set to have one puri. We were having but then suddenly we don’t know from where she came and kept two more puris in each of our plates. We finished eating finally. We were so full that we were unable to walk. Although it was evening but we were so full that we all skipped our dinner.

This situation happens many a times when our moms serve us food. They always feel that we are not having food properly. It is always the favourite dialogue of all the moms when they see their kid after long time, “You have become so thin.” And when the kid is married then guy’s mother will feel that daughter in law is not taking proper care of their son and girl’s mother will feel that in-laws and husband are not taking care of her daughter.

This is mom’s love. For each of us, our mom is the world’s best cook. They have the perfect recipe of everything, blending the love together with other ingredients and serving the best food. The love with which they serve you the food, no one else can do. Whenever the food comes to you via your mother, it becomes special. The love they shower is incomparable and precious. 

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