Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Now I type this title “HOW TO STAY POSITIVE?” in my best buddy’s GOOGLE  page and I got some 2,74,00,000 answers -  wooooo ; so I guess apart from me there are many else who can tell how to stay positive or the other way round there are many who are in search of answers for this question.
I read a few of those and they were too technical – identify a possible cause; keep a journal; analyze the cause AND I clicked the back button. Like the way time flies, I wanted some sure shot and quick techniques.

When I feel low, I desperately sense the urge to transform my mood and that too by doing something that will refresh me instantly; I guess no one at that point of time when they really feel too low, takes the technical way to stay positive. Those techniques straightway jump to the to-do list for the future for further analysis.

But exactly, if we think on it for a while; we all know answers for both the categories – technical and practical but applying the right technique at right time is the root cause of this whole mess.
So, what exactly we can do to stay positive:

1. Eat something which you really love like Ice cream – it’s the ultimate comfort food unless you are watching your weight. Or pani-puri or some kebab; you of course have a whole world to make a choice from;
2. Listen to your favorite songs; could be the loud one listening to which you feel and imagine that you are taking revenge from the villain of your life; or some soft pace song which can give you peace of mind and heart; 
3.  Dance: you could be a pathetic dancer but how does it matter, you dance for yourself and not for anyone else. Play the tune and dance however you want as if no one is watching; nothing else but watching yourself dance like a ………… will give you a great laugh; (this blank you can fill up depending on your own credibility :-) )
4. Watch Tom and Jerry of course in you tube; its readily available after all; 
5. Just go out and shop; you definitely will be having some item in the back of your mind that you have been planning from long to buy but did not get a chance yet; 
6.  Treat yourself by spending some time all alone doing what you want:  read a book, give your feet some rest by taking a foot bath, head massage etc. You don’t have to go to a parlour, you can do all this by yourself; 
7.  Remember your childhood; see your mark sheets, albums; remembering those good old days will take you to a different world at least for a few minutes and you will realize that life had not been so bad always.
There are many ways to keep yourself in high spirits, it’s just that you have to know which one you want to pick. Always we have to remember one thing that the life we all live is much better than those of many else. So there is no point in cribbing about your problems, thinking too much about the issues and concerns and thus unnecessarily complicating the life. 

Just chill, everything is fine or if it is not fine, it will be fine. Good or bad, time will pass and one has to move on; you can neither hold on the good things or bad things.

Thoda hass lo, muskura lo, jee lo…. Zindagi itni bhi buri nahi . :-) :-) :-)