Monday, July 18, 2016

Things we desperately wait for

We all have this life in which we are if truth be told, busy doing many things be it working, household chores, family time or sleeping; but together with all these, we all have to spend some time in WAITING.

For what?

Of course, we all wait for our dreams to come true, we wait for all our wishes to be fulfilled, we wait for our kids and ourselves to grow more mature, we wait for getting that leisure time that we can spend without any obligations and so much more….

But then on second thought, I felt we all linger for many more things in our day to day life and then after thinking a bit over it I have jotted down these instances which I feel we all have come across some or other day.

So here are the things which I feel, we desperately wait for:

For the salary - at the end of the month on the salary day, when you have only few bucks left in your account is the time when you actually wait for the salary to be credited which anyways just stays for a while in your account and is spent right from the next moment but still that wait makes you restless; you keep checking your messages even though you know that it has not come;

     For the signal to turn green -  if we are stuck in traffic jam especially in Bangalore we all wait and in fact stare the signal although it shows the timer still we keep on staring it to turn green so that we can move on;

For the food to be served - when we are in a restaurant and order the food, it surely takes 10-15 minutes but still we restlessly wait for it;

For the lift door to open – we reach the workplace and if we are running late we first wait for the lift to come and then after getting inside it we wait to reach our desired floor; and suppose if we are stuck with someone whom we really don’t like, the wait in the lift seems to be endless. We have to wait for some time but that time seems to be passing so slow;

       For our turn in queue in supermarkets – when we are in supermarkets, no matter how long we take time to choose, analyze and then decide what all we want, for billing when we wait in queue we just wait for our turn and don’t bother about anything else and if suddenly card machine does not work we become so irritated;

      For the cash to be dispensed from ATM – we need to take out the money from ATM and we have given all options and then the sound comes that amount is getting processed; we all have our eyes stuck to the cash dispenser for the fresh notes to be dispensed;

        For the online transaction to be successfully placed – you selected an item to purchase, gave your details and then finally paid the money and then you are asked to wait and not do anything and that is when you wait eagerly so that the transaction completes successfully and your order is placed;

    For the bus at the bus stop – for people like me who rely on public transport, we can see from a distance that it is not the desired bus but still in some hope we keep staring the road in wait for the bus that will take us to our destination;

          For status updates from your loved ones – applicable for teenagers especially, when you wait for any status update from your loved one and keep checking the social networking sites;

       For the number of likes and comments – for all the facebook freaks, who after any update be it upload of any photo or any other status, keep checking their facebook to see the number of likes and comments;


Of course all this is what I feel, would request all readers out there to add any points further which you feel that you have been desperately waiting for….


Friday, July 1, 2016

Mom's Diary contd....

Kids – the power house of liveliness and epitome of innocence; each and every moment they teach us something. It is great to see them grow in front of our eyes; daily a step is taken by them for improvement- be it is their sense of how much interactive they are or language they speak or taste they love. An interesting part of their growth is watching them talk and their vocabulary development.

The journey from their first word spoken to the complete communication is utter delight; the moment they say Maa and then papa, then slowly calling everyone by the relation they have with them and then slowly all verbs for what they want to do or eat or drink or any particular toy they want or anything. Whatever they say in their accent is pure bliss and music to the ears; they have their own tone and pronunciation. Few words that they speak are quite the exact of what we say, few words sound quite familiar which at least you can make out what it is and few words that they say are totally different having absolutely no relation or logic behind it, it is actually discovered by them from nowhere. These words are so funny and you don’t get them until they explicitly describe for what they want. These words sound so cute that I thought I will just jot them down so that I don’t forget them in future. So friends, here is my son’s explanation of few words:

Tomato – Mamato
Potato – Papato
Buffalo – Babato
Octopus – Aupoka
Water – Oppo
Onion – Peena
Balloon – Bujin
Oats – Auaaww
Good night – Jhinga
Buttermilk – Batenin
Injection - Ingush
Fire – Nam nam and etc etc…

I just love when my son speaks these words; he is so innocent but so confident at the same time that what he is saying is definitely the correct word to describe them.

Hey all mommies out there, please share your kid’s vocabulary; I am sure you all too know such cutely expressed words spoken by your kids, let us all enjoy that tickle and keep a note in blog and thus in memory and get pleasure from the laughter later in future as well. 

Till then, happy motherhood J