Monday, July 22, 2013

Life is lived in moments

Our lives are surrounded by EMIs, credit card bills, project deadlines, calls, buses, duties and etc. For a better tomorrow, we forget the today. Sometimes in order to prove ourselves and to be good, we forget to be happy. We complicate our life which can be lead simply. We desire for so many things: some necessity, some leisure; but it takes time and patience for everything.

I went to mall, roamed around and then sat in the open area, enjoying the coffee and listening to the live band performing there. I just felt, isn’t this moment priceless? Lovely weather, live music, a cup of hot coffee, gleaming lights all around; isn’t this experience wonderful? Problems will be there, tensions will be there; who doesn’t have problems and tensions in their life. But can’t I enjoy this very moment forgetting everything.

View of rising sun is as beautiful from the terrace of your house as it is from Darjeeling mountains. Moon among the clouds looks as charming from the road as it looks from Taj Mahal. A heavy rain after sunny weather is also very pleasant and so is the bright sunny weather after days of rain. A cup of hot tea and a plate full of pakoras gives immense pleasure when you come home after getting completely drenched in rains. A long drive listening to your favourite music and enjoying meal at your favourite restaurant is also special. There are so many moments that are equally enjoyable but we just simply ignore them whatever be the reason or excuse. When the yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality, instead of enjoying the reality, we again dream for the future. Why don’t we live our life in these special moments? Be happy, for these instances are too the reasons to be happy; if there are no reasons also, be happy. If you look for big reasons to be happy, your whole life will be spent on searching for reasons to be happy.

Let the life remain a surprise for you, let it unfold its pages one by one and depict the morsels of mystery.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day to Day Roadside Experts

Lost in my thoughts I was walking on my way to office in morning. I reached the bus stop and stood there waiting for my next bus. Traffic jams were at it’s peak, people were rushing for office, one by one roadside shops were opening – in between all this, suddenly my eyes stopped at a sight. I guess it is the everyday sight for all of us, nothing extraordinary. A lady was preparing “gajras” – flower garlands to be tied on hair. I stood near to that lady and started observing her. There is always a special technique for doing everything. I am not aware of the technique in which she was tying those gajras but she was doing it with great speed, accuracy and dedication and all these qualities really impressed me.

Many times I have noticed the “Hot chips” shop where I have observed the person who will be grating the vegetables, put them into hot boiling oil and then fry them. He too does it with great speed and perfection. I have seen the cooks of small restaurants as the masters of cooking and packing foods.

We all go to hypermarts for grocery shopping. During the time period from 29th of one month to 3rd of next month, all these marts will be over crowded with so many people standing in queue waiting for their turns. We just pay for our things and leave; but imagine about the person who actually does the billing. They have to read the code and price for each and every item, create the bill, take the money which is most of the time given by cards, swipe them, get the receipt signed or give the proper change, and then repeat the same process for all other customers. We shout at them, if they take more time. But for a second, just think about them, they have to maintain proper records of everything sold, they have to be really alert for if they miss anything, their pay will get reduced.

We see the delivery boys of restaurants and eating joints, driving not those high-end bikes but simple bikes to reach the different areas and deliver the food on time. We can take driving classes from them. The newspaper person who distributes the newspaper early morning to every house, he throws the paper at a perfect single shot at the doorstep; the mineral water guy who carries around 6-10 mineral water cans in his luna and goes from house to house and distributes them.

All these people cannot be considered anything less than experts. We acknowledge many people who excel in their respective fields but there exists people who may not be famous but are nothing less than experts, they are the day to day roadside experts. They also do their jobs with full focus and honesty.

No job can be considered less important. Forget about growth and development; just for the survival, so many things should exist. Every single task by every single person is equally important for the existence of society.

I just remember the quote from Robin Sharma’s book “The Leader who had no title”. I don’t remember the exact words but I remember the message. It was something like this: "Whatever you do, do it in such a way as if you are the one who can do that particular job in the best possible way in the whole world. If you think this way and put all your effort then you are definitely going to succeed."                     

Monday, July 1, 2013


I want to prepare cake in pressure cooker, what I will do is open my laptop > connect internet > open and type “how to prepare cake in a pressure cooker”.

What happens next?

Page is flooded with millions of links; all of them showing me how to prepare cake including recipes of related dishes, different other variations, videos in different languages and etc etc…

My dad or mom don’t have this practice but we people, I guess aged between 15 to 50 or “may be less than 15 to greater than 50” definitely perform a lot of search in Google. It is an integral part of all our lives.

  • Ø  I am looking for a java code snippet, type in Google being very specific of your requirement and your queries are answered;
  • Ø  I am assigned some new kind of testing, first I will do my homework by checking it in Google;
  • Ø  How to drape a sari in some particular style to latest designs, Google shows you all videos;
  • Ø  I need to go some faraway place and I don’t know the route, search through Google maps and you will get complete detailed directions.

From people who search for recipes to people who are interested for art and craft; from music to dance; from images to videos; from the weirdest of queries to the best of queries - Google has answers to all. You should never underestimate the search you are doing because Google answers to the precision. The more specific you are, the more accurate your results will be.

Google starts working as soon as you start typing each letter and continues its prediction. Google is not just a search engine; the term has actually transitioned itself into a verb. Have a query, Google it!

It is better to say that “Google is infinity, Google is God”. God might not answer your questions but Google will definitely have lots of replies for you. It will never leave you unanswered. That’s the significance of Google.

Happy Googling…. J