Monday, July 1, 2013


I want to prepare cake in pressure cooker, what I will do is open my laptop > connect internet > open and type “how to prepare cake in a pressure cooker”.

What happens next?

Page is flooded with millions of links; all of them showing me how to prepare cake including recipes of related dishes, different other variations, videos in different languages and etc etc…

My dad or mom don’t have this practice but we people, I guess aged between 15 to 50 or “may be less than 15 to greater than 50” definitely perform a lot of search in Google. It is an integral part of all our lives.

  • Ø  I am looking for a java code snippet, type in Google being very specific of your requirement and your queries are answered;
  • Ø  I am assigned some new kind of testing, first I will do my homework by checking it in Google;
  • Ø  How to drape a sari in some particular style to latest designs, Google shows you all videos;
  • Ø  I need to go some faraway place and I don’t know the route, search through Google maps and you will get complete detailed directions.

From people who search for recipes to people who are interested for art and craft; from music to dance; from images to videos; from the weirdest of queries to the best of queries - Google has answers to all. You should never underestimate the search you are doing because Google answers to the precision. The more specific you are, the more accurate your results will be.

Google starts working as soon as you start typing each letter and continues its prediction. Google is not just a search engine; the term has actually transitioned itself into a verb. Have a query, Google it!

It is better to say that “Google is infinity, Google is God”. God might not answer your questions but Google will definitely have lots of replies for you. It will never leave you unanswered. That’s the significance of Google.

Happy Googling…. J

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