Monday, June 13, 2016


I don’t drive so I have the privilege to look here and there while in bus or on roads commuting to office and while on my way back home. Out of the many things that we do while travelling (if not driving) is listening to radio. I always see people with their earphones and mobile and they will be listening to radio, while walking, sitting idle in bus, while crossing the road; they will be listening to radio most of the time.

And not just this, those who drive, generally in most of the cases will also switch on the radio and enjoy the music; at home when doing some boring stuff or any household chore, we play the radio and enjoy it till we are done with our work. So, basically radio even though itself a non living thing to be precise but it brings life in our daily lives.

I remember when I was a kid, utility of radio used to be different; it was used for music just for certain particular hours and people could afford it easily and used it for listening to news and commentary. It has proved to be best buddy after books and it removed the boredom from many lives. And gradually radio has evolved so much and now there are so many different channels or frequencies to make a choice from and so many radio jockeys who are really talented, although these RJs are not right in front of us but even being somewhere else, they are so much interactive that it seems that they are right in front and chatting with us. And not just songs, radios are also so much informative and interesting; they give traffic updates, they help us making someone bakra by special requests, they organize different contests and gift so many goodies, they organize interviews not just with movie and television celebs but with real life heroes and other responsible citizens and thus help in sharing so many informative things, they share jokes, they do sports commentary, and so much more. They play different kinds of music at different times in order to suit and meet everyone's choice. And end of the day, you don’t have the guilt of being couch potato because while listening to radio, you do some other task as well unlike watching idiot box when you literally sit and munch on something and just watch tv.

In short, radio reduces the complexities and tensions of life ( at least for few minutes when you hear your favourite song or listening to something that really interests you) and bring back the energy and spark to move on. So, I feel that radio has definitely a very special place in our heart because it brings a splash of music, a dash of laughter, a squeeze of romance, a pinch of awareness, a bit of information and all this with a touch of love.

At the end I would like to thank with all my heart to all the radio frequencies and the lovely RJs, RJs because you guys make our day J                   

Note: Totally understand that you love radio but at least when you are driving two wheeler or crossing road, don’t put on the headphone; you can anyway record or listen later. J

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