Friday, November 30, 2012

Bay Decoration at Office

There is a saying that, "too many cooks spoil the broth". But what I felt in the last few days, was just the opposite. Bay decoration Competition taught me how simply and smoothly things can work out if we want to.

I asked my close friends, in turn they asked theirs and within half an hour we were a group of 13 people interested to participate in the event. We called up everyone and shared our views. Rohit had a theme already in his mind "Halloween". He showed the snaps in picassa. We did not have much time to plan out everything from scratch. So we all decided to go with halloween/scary house theme. We now had basic idea and the photographs helped to visualize the clear picture of what exactly we should do. The pointers, footsteps, dustbin bags usage was known to us and then started the real work.

So many people together at work; No need of assignments to anyone. One or two people themselves took the responsibility and started working on it. Resources allocated and project tasks were assigned module wise without any manager. First Day from 2 PM to 8 PM - Two people cutting, two people painting, two covering entire bay, two covering lights, two making web, one person cutting cellotape, two went for shopping; together with it decorating dustbins and packing dustbin bags, setting up black magic zone, downloading scary images from google, taking print outs and sticking them everywhere possible, drawing murder scene sketch and putting handprints on white boards. Ladies left but two guys stayed till 9:30 PM and prepared witch caps, desktop cover and horns and sticking footprints in roof.

Next day I reached office a bit early only to realize that our decorated haunted house was actually scary and I could not enter initially. Called up one by one and then I started cleaning up the place and by next half an hour people started coming. Next slot of tasks started, the final finishing tasks - sticking covers and horns to systems, downloading scary sounds and copying those to all laptops connected in the bay, setting up screensavers in the systems, setting up hanging ghost, spreading hay grass and stones, keeping  eagles, spiders and bats, creating crystal ball and masks using diwali lights, stuffing jackets for showing them as dead bodies, making the skeleton sit in chair and cleaning up the mess in all cubicles and finishing all tits and bits of last minute.

Final outcome was really worth watching, we really scared few people. Everyone gave comments like awesome, gr8, scary, excellent etc. We didn’t win 1st prize but we won hearts, people came and saw our bay and then told their friends and like that from 1:30 till 5:30 PM we were busy in scaring people, there was a queue infact in front of our bay. People were coming twice, thrice just to take snaps with us and these comments and their responses was the true reward for us.

A team is a team only when each compliments the other’s ideas, recognizes the other’s energy and respects the other’s feelings. No one took the other’s credit; whenever someone asked, “whose idea for this?” we did not lie and that made everyone stick together as a team. There were no opinion differences, everyone listened and implemented everyone else’s idea and plan. No one commented or compared negatively and result was that all gave their 100 % and had an equal and significant share for the whole work.

Too many ideas and hands helped us enhance our imagination and creativity and make something spectacular and incredible.


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