Monday, February 4, 2013

Family Tree of Mahabharata Characters

Mahabharata Characters:

I know Mahabharata as the greatest epic of the world. I know few stories of it.

Day before yesterday, some topic came up and me and my friend started discussing about Parasurama and Karna. Then we started on some other character. By now this epic made it's mark on my mind and I wanted to go home as early as possible.

I searched in google and found many articles related to it. I went to library and issued "Jaya,Mahabharata" by Devdutt Pattanaiak.

So many characters, so many stories and story tellers, some of which, I feel what is the logic behind it and for some I feel how great those people were.

I created this family tree including all important characters. There are more characters left who are not included and I will keep adding those gradually. Till now what I have come across is this:

Two Way Arrow indicates couple and single pointing arrow depicts the child

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  1. nice explanation... and clarification for mahabharat family tree..............