Monday, July 22, 2013

Life is lived in moments

Our lives are surrounded by EMIs, credit card bills, project deadlines, calls, buses, duties and etc. For a better tomorrow, we forget the today. Sometimes in order to prove ourselves and to be good, we forget to be happy. We complicate our life which can be lead simply. We desire for so many things: some necessity, some leisure; but it takes time and patience for everything.

I went to mall, roamed around and then sat in the open area, enjoying the coffee and listening to the live band performing there. I just felt, isn’t this moment priceless? Lovely weather, live music, a cup of hot coffee, gleaming lights all around; isn’t this experience wonderful? Problems will be there, tensions will be there; who doesn’t have problems and tensions in their life. But can’t I enjoy this very moment forgetting everything.

View of rising sun is as beautiful from the terrace of your house as it is from Darjeeling mountains. Moon among the clouds looks as charming from the road as it looks from Taj Mahal. A heavy rain after sunny weather is also very pleasant and so is the bright sunny weather after days of rain. A cup of hot tea and a plate full of pakoras gives immense pleasure when you come home after getting completely drenched in rains. A long drive listening to your favourite music and enjoying meal at your favourite restaurant is also special. There are so many moments that are equally enjoyable but we just simply ignore them whatever be the reason or excuse. When the yesterday’s dreams become today’s reality, instead of enjoying the reality, we again dream for the future. Why don’t we live our life in these special moments? Be happy, for these instances are too the reasons to be happy; if there are no reasons also, be happy. If you look for big reasons to be happy, your whole life will be spent on searching for reasons to be happy.

Let the life remain a surprise for you, let it unfold its pages one by one and depict the morsels of mystery.

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  1. Thats True, We have open options still we make our life problematic and miserable.