Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bangalore: where “Bakeries” serve the purpose of landmarks

We the people spend a lot of time travelling to and fro between office or college and home. While travelling, we cross many areas, the so called “stops”. No doubt each stop has a different name but what else I have noticed in most of these, is that each stop has a Bakery right at the main bus stop. For example:

Kundanahalli : Silsila Bakery                          
Whitefield : Mayura and Brother’s Bakery               
Vinayaka Layout : Archana Bakery
Brookebond : Devika Bakery
Arekeri : Iyengar Bakery
AECS Layout: Ragam’s Bakery
BTM Layout : Mr. and Cosmo Bakery
Channasandra : Thirumala Bakery
Bellthur : Sri Sai Bakery
Varthur Kodi : Mangala Bakery
Hennur : Honest Bakery
Bellandur (Opposite to Central) : Bellandur Bakery and Sweets
Marathahalli : Raju Bakery, Pooja Bakery , Royal Bakery
And …..

These bakeries are indispensable for us. As the city has grown, bakeries too have grown. From serving just bakery items like: “dilpasand”, “fruit cakes” , “veg-puffs” , “cream rolls” etc  these bakeries now sell tea , sweets , biscuits , chips , sandwiches , birthday-cakes , ice-creams , other dry snacks and lot more. Crowd is always there. Rushing for somewhere, just stop for a while, pick some snack and move on. If these bakeries would not have existed, many would have starved.

But these bakeries are not just meager eating joints but they actually serve the purpose of landmarks. We identify the stops by identifying the bakeries. You ask anyone about any specific location, be it a bank or school or office or bus stop; you might be told that “Go in <exact directions>, you will find “Location X”, it is near “Y Bakery”. Sometimes people might ask you “Where is this bakery?” in order to enquire about some place, because people are very sure that exact location of these bakeries would surely guide them to the place they need to visit.

Cheers to the Bakeries and the Bakers JJJ

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  1. Well said. But, unfortunately, at some places, these bakeries serve as lazing points (Adda as they call it in local language). I have seen teens on the purpose of sipping a glass of tea, sit on their bikes parked in front of the bakery or besides and comment on girls/women who pass by. And few go the extent of asking few unruly questions to the passers by. May it be men or women, we need to face such people almost near all bakeries that I have seen or known. I have seen these happening at most of the bakeries that you have listed out and know few who have suffered even. Unfortunate....but true.