Sunday, August 11, 2013

Brands Confused Brains

Watch television for 10 minutes but effectively you will be watching advertisements for around 7 minutes. And among all these ads what interests me more, is the tagline for cosmetic products, like: face creams ---Lakme - youth infinity; Ponds – white beauty or age miracle; Olay - total effects or regenerist; Neutrogena – fine fairness or deep clean; And the ingredients for preparing them like different soaps --- contain shea butter, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, aloevera, eucalyptus oil, honey, lemon; face washes available with all varieties of fruit flavours and etc etc.

Each product of each brand is unique but confusing. From toothpastes having salt to shampoo for silky, shiny, damage repair, dandruff free, for oily, dry, straight, curly; from hair colours to face creams; from mosturiser to lip guards having strawberry/cherry/guava/apple; from dish cleaning agent having power of 100 lemons to hand wash that cleans your hand in 10 second and not 60 seconds. Everything has something different to offer.

Isn’t all this confusing? Even if I am very clear about my skin and hair type, if I go to the market to shop for some cosmetic, I am definitely going to be confused while buying after seeing so many products; I won’t be able to decide that which one will actually suit me. My mom or grand mom never faced this type of dilemma because neither they had this knowledge nor they had the choice but their skin or better if I say health, was much better than us.

People now are so much conscious about their looks and this huge availability of products is slowly transforming this consciousness to craziness. Of course, it is better to be concerned for your health but definitely not worth to be paranoid. You will stuff yourself with oily food and then you get a pimple on your face and then you will expect that clean and clear facewash will remove your pimple at one wash. Is it really possible? Just sensibly think on it. Any golden glow facial scrub will not make you fair and make you glow like gold. Don’t be confused with all these pearl white, golden glow and age miracles. It is always better to consume fruits than running behind these fruity extract products.

If you are in your 30’s then none of the creams will make you younger. Please remember that youth is for certain time and not infinite. There is nothing wrong in getting old. Every age has it’s own charm and grace. You are what you are, so don’t pretend to be one you are not. Everything is the result of the balance, if maintained you can feel good and therefore look good. If balance does not exist then nothing can be good.

I like one ad where Arjun Rampal says that, “These shade cards are for walls of the house and not for your skin”.

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