Monday, November 16, 2015

Traffic or Nightmare

So here I am, all frustrated, irritated, stressed, depressed and… why? Because today I spent five hours of my precious day in traffic doing nothing while commuting to office and then way back home. And its not just me but hundreds of other people too who go through this irritation not only today but almost every day.

We are all pissed off; we get ready for office and leave from home like phulka and after travelling for hours in traffic, we finally reach like roasted papad. Then apart from office work  we keep discussing about roads, potholes, government etc; bang our heads and finally go back home via this traffic all over again.

Traffic is becoming worse day by day but then what is the solution to this problem. By just blaming the government and discussing among ourselves solve the problem? Why don’t we do something, isn’t this our city, our country? Are not we responsible for anything? We all are well aware of the fact and have observed it all the time that traffic is because of more number of vehicles; roads are not good but let’s not talk about what is not in our hands; let us try to find out solution for the problems for which we can do something.

Who does not want luxury? We all want to travel in our private vehicle, switching on the AC and radio and riding alone in each car; one person, one car. Why don’t we use public transport when it is readily available? If we are working in normal shifts, then we can easily travel in bus. At least for few days in a week if we use public transport traffic will reduce for sure.

Let us encourage public transport or pooling concept and take one step forward in reducing traffic and stay happy :-). Until and unless we put our city, our country before our own comfort in our priority list, we cannot develop as a country; we can grow individually but not as a society.

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