Monday, November 23, 2015

Mom's Diary contd.....

And here I am, back after a span of, I guess few months; so many blogs to write but not finding time at all because all time goes for my sweetheart.

No matter how much frustrated, stressed or depressed you are, once you see your kid all your pains vanish and where has it vanished you do not know nor you care about it; once you are with them you are all energized up to roam around them. 

You shout, you scream, you play all stupid games, you make faces and what not; with your kid, you too become a kid. You become an improved person because your speed increases manifold; speed at which you eat, do any work and walk increases many times because end of the day you don’t wish to miss even a minute being apart from them. Sometimes you wish to have ten hands or more so that you can finish all the extra jobs fast and then spend the rest of the time with your kid. You no more shop for yourself, you shop for your baby and if some bandwidth is still left you shop for others.

Making your kid eat is a big task (bigger than those deadlines at office) and once you and they are done with it, you feel full even if you are hungry. You see them grow day by day, moment by moment but still when you think how they looked, how they behaved months before, you end up feeling that you don’t remember those exactly which in turn makes you doubtful that whether you have spent time with them or not. 

Day by day they turn smart and naughty and when they pretend to be very innocent although we know that they are not, makes you feel that “OK baby, I know its you” but even you pretend that you did not understand just to make your kid feel that they are smarter than you; all this game of hide and seek is the most lovable thing to cherish.

The moment my son comes running to me as soon as I reach home can seldom be explained. I remember once he was out with his grandfather for quite long time and someone gave him a chocolate; as he came home, he did not see me around and even though he was small, hardly spoke anything but still he called, “MAA” and then I went to him and he showed me his chocolate; I was surprised at his this gesture. Although, these are simple things but still these are special because it’s the mother and kid bonding. 

He was born; he used to sleep all the time, then he turned around, then he crawled, then he walked and now he runs around everywhere, throws things, pours oil can on bed, locks his granny in room, jumps around, imitates everyone around him -  I remember the day he was born with his eyes wandering here and there and I keep wondering whether its him only.

So many feelings, so many emotions, so many expressions but still the love will never change it will always be constant. Kid makes the mother feel so special because end of the day, he needs her and nothing else and this dependability makes motherhood exceptional.

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