Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Role Change

Lost in the chaos of office, home, family sometimes I feel restless when I desperately feel the need to spend some time alone, me with myself. But are we alone anytime? Physically may be yes but emotionally, of course never because always we go through some emotional turmoil that keeps us worried or at least concerned for some or other thing.

Then with my son beside me taking his good night sleep, I suddenly felt that there was a day when even I was so small, so carefree, so confident which in turn suddenly makes me realize that life is so organized (of course by God and not by us the humans). God has beautifully created the life of humans where we get to play each and every role, go through all kinds of emotions and live all stages of life. In one life, we live so many lives: we take birth and live as an infant who is completely dependent on others, unable to speak but having complete faith on the one who gave birth to us; and gradually year by year we turn independent from being dependent for each and every aspect and we are young, fully energetic and confident to fight the world, passionate and fearless, we take our own decisions; then comes a stage when we get married and get into the world of responsibility, we take decisions for upcoming generations, we plan for the uncertain future; and then again year by year we turn old and turn fully dependent slowly from being independent.

There was a day when I knew nothing and my parents taught me how to express myself, how to talk, how to stand on my feet, how to face the challenges of life and now are the days when I know things that they don’t know, I know better way of doing many things, I am dependable for them; what is very obvious for me is something extraordinary for them. And I know that there will be a day when my son will be much smarter than me and feel the same that I am feeling today.

My parents taught me those dial-up connections and landline phone usage and today I teach them how to use smart phones, WiFiwhats app and then suddenly my mom gets scared because some message pops up or some image does not open and she gives me a call panic stricken and I say chill mom, it’s just an app and it won’t blast, don’t worry I am there.

Truly, everyone is dependent in this inter-dependent world and every age, every stage has its own flavor, charm, grace and beauty and we are all so lucky to live a life full of different flavors.

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