Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Caste Battle

Debates going around in all channels for Rohith’s suicide where panelists are discussing or rather putting the blame on each other and trying to encash votes making this a need based issue as required by them. A team of people just trying to throw the ball in each other’s court; the methodology that has been an integral part of our society where only discussions happen and decisions are seldom taken, the root cause of every single problem;  one party trying to prove themselves right and all others wrong.

Student commits suicide unable to bear the despair and what is happening after that …. Only discussions; we all know who is the culprit but no action has been taken yet. Day by day people are trying to create a virtual reality and then using it as a weapon and hence complicating the issue further. Such incidents have happened in past and will continue to happen in future; one state where one person belonging to one caste has been harassed because of the one’s who belong to power.

What the hell is going on, I really feel like to say “Grow up, be genuine, be sensible.” Poor guy suffered injustice and ended his life, do something now; culprits should be punished. For how many more days and years will castes be given more importance than humanity. Why anything should be based on caste wise favoritism? Student should entirely be judged based on his academics profile, on merit; and then if he needs financial support, he should be given; irrespective of whether he is Brahmin or SC or ST or OBC or whatever.

We cannot close the eyes to the fact that in India caste stands a lot of importance; in every damn form we all need to mention which caste we belong to; why such discrimination? These age old norms definitely need amendment. Why caste should be given any such importance? Be it any field; in schools or colleges or offices or anything else; judgment should be entirely based on capability and quality and not because which caste or place you belong to. And it’s not just me, I think this is what the young India wants.

India is our country and let us all just be Indians.

RIP Rohith.

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