Thursday, February 18, 2016

Ongoing Disaster

JNU and JU – the two universities where WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING is the question I guess every sensible Indian is having in his or her mind. From the starting of the week, I think this has been the topic of discussion in Newshour debate by Arnab Goswami where every time in the group of panelists there are those who I guess for purely publicity need are supporting the students who are protesting in favour of Afzal and traitors like him.

Few students like some virus pop ups start saying , in fact shouting to be precise that afzal guru was a martyr; have they gone mad? They shout anything they want, “cheen k lenge azaadi” and all that; if you really don’t feel like to stay in this country, go away. Who is asking you to stay here? And after all these protests you say that its freedom of speech; wow… as well described in that video (link in the end) freedom of speech means freedom to criticize  that is if you don’t like something, you have all rights to share your opinion about it; freedom of speech does not give you any authority to abuse or threaten anyone. Who are you, you think that you will break the nation into pieces when in reality you don’t have the guts to speak up standing alone and not shouting amidst a crowd of equally illiterate people? Get your facts and figures; do your homework properly before taking such a disastrous step.

All these sequence of events: students useless protests; lawyers taking the law in their own hands and beating up students; and now issues for the proposal of raising the tricolor in all central universities. I really feel pity for those who simply shout without actually understanding the sole purpose of such proposals.

For God’s sake don’t mix tricolor with extreme nationalism……….. I mean  Tricolour is the flag of our nation and not some personal property of any political party or religion. Tricolour represents our INDIA and all INDIANS; why is Tricolour being tagged with being extreme nationalism? I don’t think that there is anything wrong with such proposal of flying the tricolor in all central universities; I think this should have been done many years ago, but better late than never, I feel it’s a great move because such an action will remind all of us that India is our country and we all are Indians, it will help us realize and differentiate between the traitors and martyrs. I felt so sad when General Bakshi became emotional saying that he might be standing alone in this battle but he supports to fly high the tricolor but then Arnab Goswami supported him saying that he is not alone and that we all are with him. And then it was really great to see Smriti Irani calling the newshour herself and telling that how much we, the citizens of India are grateful to General Bakshi and other soldiers of the country like him.

At the end, I just want to say that Guys, you represent the youth of this country; you are an integral part in building the nation but this attitude is surely not going to gain you anything in life apart from few photos in front page of newspaper. Do remember this is the generation of social media; You are always being watched for both good and bad reasons; all moves are being scanned; nothing is hidden. 

Be the genuine and sensible lover of your motherland.

INDIA is my country and I am a proud INDIAN.

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