Friday, February 8, 2013

Questions from JAYA - Test your knowledge on Mahabharata

I started reading JAYA - an illustrated retelling of the Mahabharata. I am really loving it. But once i finish reading it, I will forget about most of the things. Stories I might remember but names of the characters, I might not. So I thought I will prepare a questionnaire as and when I will read. I will prepare questions with their answers and keep this blog updated.

This blog is based entirely on what the author of this book Devdutt Pattanaik has written. I have just created questions from what I am reading and I hope, everyone who goes through it will find it helpful.

So, here is the questionnaire, test your knowledge on Mahabharata:

  1. They gave the world meaning and life a purpose. These chants relieved the vedana, yearning of the restless human soul. What is they referring to:
A:   Veda              

  1. Who classified the hymns and created four collections – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva?
A:  Ved  Vyasa

  1. Who recited and who wrote Mahabharata?
A:  Vyasa recited and Lord Ganesha wrote

  1. What did Vyasa  originally called his tale?
A: Jaya meaning the “tale of victory”.

  1. What was Vyasa’s real name?
A:  Krishna Dwaipayana

  1. Originally Jaya had how many portions?
A:  60 out of which only one part reached humans through Vyasa’s student Vaisampayana

  1. Who narrated the epic and who heard the epic?
A:  Vyasa  -à Ganesha , Jaimini and Vaisampayana (Vyasa’s student), Suka (parrot headed son of Vyasa)
Jaimini went to rishi Markandeya but he renounced speech so  he went to four birds to hear. Mother of birds was flying through battlefield when an arrow struck her and four eggs fell but ground was soft because it was bloodsoaked and a war elephant bell fell over it which covered the eggs and protected them.
 Vaisampayana à Janamejaya, Romaharshana
Romaharshana à Ugrashrava
Ugrashrava à Shonak
Suka à Parikshit
Four birds à Jaimini

  1. Vyasa’s family line?
A:  Brahma > Vasishtha > Shaktri > Parasara > Vyasa > Dhritarashtra > Duryodhana > Lakshman

  1. Who killed Parikshit?
A:  Serpent named: Naga Takshaka

  1. While Janamejaya was performing Sarpa Sattra(sacrificial ritual to kill all snakes), who stopped him from doing it?
A:  Astika (son of Rishi Jaratkaru and Naga mother, nephew of Vasuki)
There Astika asked Janamejaya to call for Vaisampayana to tell the Mahabharata tale.

  1. Who was Guru Brihaspati’s wife?
A:  Tara but her husband treated her just as the one who sat next to him for the yajanas to be successful.
Tara eloped with Chandra but had to return because without her Brihaspati could not perform rituals. Tara returned with child and lords named Budh but Brihaspati lashed out in rage that this child will be of neuter gender. But since Tara was legally wedded wife of Brihaspati so he had to father that child.

  1. Whom did Budh marry?
A:  Ila (she was once a prince Sudyumna son of manu but had a curse to be man and woman both)
Ila and Budh sons were called Ailas – the Chandra-vamsis.

  1. Which Chandravamsi wanted Urvashi to be his queen?
A:  Pururava

  1.  Which Suryavamsi  abandoned his tapasya for Apsara Menaka?
A:  Kaushika. Together they gave birth to a girl named Shakuntala but abandoned her. She was taken care by Kanva rishi.

  1. Who was Shakuntala’s husband?
A: Dushyanta. They had a son named Bharata.

  1. Who was Vitatha?
A:  Mamata was Utathya (Brihaspati’s brother) wife. And Vitatha was Brihaspati’s and Mamata’s son, whom Brihaspati gave to Bharata

  1. Who were Sarmishtha and Devayani?
A:  Sarmishtha  “S” was daughter of King of Asuras, Vishaparva and Devayani  “D” was daughter of Shukra, Guru of asuras.
D was married to Yayati and had son named Yadu while S was secretly married to Yayati and had son named Puru.  Yayati declared Puru to be king and cursed Yadu that, “neither you nor your descendants will ever be kings” and Yadu left and married Naga’s daughter and formed the Yadav clan. And Puru formed the Kuru clan.

  1. Who was Yayati’s daughter?
A:  Madhavi

  1. Who was Mahabhisha?
A:  He was king granted entry into Swarga. Was cursed by Indra, reborn as Pratipa’s son, Shantanu.

  1. Who was Devapi?
A:  Devapi was Shantanu’s elder brother but did not become king because had skin disease.

  1. To whom was Shantanu married?
A: Ganga and their 8th son was Bheeshma.

  1. Who was Satyavati?
A:  Was king Uparichara’s daughter but was given birth by fish. She was abandoned by her father.

  1. What was Satyavati’s demand?
A:  Shantanu fell in love with her but to marry her she kept a condition that only her children should be the king. So Bheeshma took the vow of celibacy.

  1. Who was Satyavati’s first son?
A:  Vyasa by Rishi Parasara

  1. Who were Satyavati’s two sons with Shantanu?
A:  Chitrangada and Vichitravirya

  1. Whom did Bheeshma abducted?
A:  3 princess of Kashi: Amba, Ambika and Ambalika

  1. Who were Vichitravirya’s wife?
A: Ambika and Ambalika. Amba loved Shalva. But he did not accept her so she went to Bheeshma but he denied then she went to Parasurama.

  1. Who told Amba that she will be the reason behind Bheeshma’s death?
A:  Shiva

  1. Who were Vyasa’s son?
A: Dhritarashtra from Ambika, Pandu from Ambalika and Vidura from maid.

  1. Vidura was rebirth of whom?
A:  Vidura was Yama living out a curse by Rishi Mandavya.

  1. Who was Kunti’s father?
A: Surasena. But adopted by Kuntibhoja

  1. What was Kunti’s real name?
A:  Pritha

  1. Who was Dhritarashtra and Pandu’s wife?
A: Gandhari and Kunti, Madri

  1. Who cursed Pandu?
A:  Kindam rishi. After which he went to forest.

  1. Who introduced the law of marriage?
A:  Shvetaketu

  1. Who were Kunti’s son?
A:  Karna from Surya,  Yudhistir from Yama, Bhima from Vayu and Arjun from Indra

  1. Who were Gandhari’s son?
A: Because of Vyasa ‘s boon, she had 100 sons and 1 daughter.

  1. Who was Dhritarashtra’s son from a maid?
A:  Yuyutsu

  1. Who were Madri’s son?
A:  Nakul and Sehdev from Ashwini Kumar

  1. Who ate Pandu’s flesh after he died and attained immense knowledge about past and future?
A:  Sehdev

  1. Who were Kripa and Kripi?
A:  Children of Sage Sharadwana and apsara called Janpadi. Kripa was appointed as Guru for Pandavas and Kauravas and Kripi was married to Drona.

  1. Who was Drona’s childhood friend?
A:  Drupada

  1. From whom did Drona learnt the art of war?
A: Parasurama

  1. What did Drona ask from Drupada?
A: His half kingdom

  1. What were Arjun’s other names?
A:  Partha – for he was Pritha’s favourite son(she called Indra by her own choice not by her husband’s)
Sabyasachi – he could shoot his bow using either of his hands
Gudakesha -  he shooted arrows without depending on sight

  1. What did Drona ask from Eklavya as guru dakshina?
A:  His right thumb.

  1. Who was Karna?
A:  Son of  Kunti and Surya. Taken care by Adhiratha and Radha. Made king of Anga by Dhritarashtra on request from Duryodhana.

  1. From whom Karna learnt art of weapons?
A: Parasurama

  1. What was Parasurama’s curse?
A:  Since Karna lied that he is a Brahmin and learnt from Parasurama, when he came to know the truth then he cursed that when he will need his art the most he will forget about it.

  1. Tired of whom, Kauravas decided to poison him and threw into river?
A: Bhima

  1. Where was House of Lac made for Pandavas?
A:  Varanavata by Dhritarashtra when Vidura requested

  1. Who killed Bakasura?
A:  Bhima when Kunti and her five sons were disguised as Brahmins in Ekachakra village.

  1. Who was Bakasura’s brother?
A: Hidimba

  1. Who was Hidimbi?
A:  She was Bhima’s wife. There son’s name was Ghatotkacha

  1. Which Rakshasa pounced on Shaktri, son of Vasishtha?
A:  Kalmashpada

  1. When Drupada was defeated by Drona’s students, what did he ask from Shiva?
A:  A son to kill Drona, A son to kill Bhishma and a daughter who will marry to kuru household and divide it.

  1. Who was Drupada’s first child?
A:  A daughter who will eventually turn into male, Amba’s reborn – Shikhandi

  1. Unsatisfied by his first child whom did Drupada called for help?
A: Rishis Yaja and Upayaja

  1. From where did Draupadi came?
A:  Magic potion was thrown into firepit by the two rishis, from it arrived – Dhrishtadyumna and Draupadi.

  1. Who advised Pandavas to go to Draupadi’s swayamvara?
A: Dhaumya

  1. What did Draupadi ask from Shiva?
A:  A husband who is – honest, strong, skilled, handsome and knowledgeable.

  1. What was Draupadi’s name in her past life where she was married to Rishi Maudgalya?
A:  Nalayani

  1. Who was married to 10 Prachetas brothers?
A:  Vidula

  1. Who asked Draupadi to be wife of all her 5 sons?
A:  Kunti


  1. Who was Kansa?
A:  Son of Ugrasena, Brother of Devaki

  1. Who was Jarasandha?
A:  Kansa’s father in law.          

  1. Who were Vasudev’s wives?
A:  Rohini and Devaki

  1. Who was Nanda?
A:  Nanda was Rohini’s brother. Rohini stayed with her brother and his wife Yashoda.

  1. Who was destined to destroy the city of Mathura, who led Jarasandha’s army  while it went to destroy Mathura for the 18th time?
A: Kalayavan. Krishna withdrew from war which earned him title “Ranshor-rai”

  1. By whom was Dwarka ruled?
A:  Revata

  1. Revata asked whom to marry his daughter Revati?
A:  Balarama

  1. Who was Rukmini?
A:  Princess of Vidarbha, whose marriage was fixed by her brother Rukmi with Shishupala. She was abducted by Krishna.

  1. Who was king of Chedi?
A: Shishupala

  1. Describe Krishna’s family line?
A:  Yadu > Ahuka > Surasena > Vasudev > Krishna > Pradyumna > Anirudhha > Vajranabhi

  1. Which area of land was given by Dhritarashtra to the pandavas?
A:  Khandava Prastha

  1.  Who gave Arjun, the mighty bow Gandiva?
A:  Agni

  1. Who was the only one who survived when the forest was burnt?
A:  Maya – the architect of demons.

  1. What was the name of the city built by Maya?
A: Indraprastha

  1. What personal gift Maya gave Arjun?
A:  Conch-shell trumpet called Devdutt

  1.  Who were the two Asura brothers- who killed themselves because of Tilotamma?
A:  Sunda and Upasunda

  1. How was Draupadi shared?
A: She stayed with one brother for one year and then came back to him after 4 years, if anyone entered her chamber out of turn then he had to go into exile for one year.
Brothers could marry other ladies but no one was allowed to enter Indraprastha

  1. Who entered Draupadi’s chamber when it was Yudhistir’s turn?
A:  Arjun (after this he had to go into exile)

  1. Who were Draupadi’s sons from the five pandavas?
A:   From:  Yudhishtir – Prativindhya , Bhima – Satsoma,  Arjun – Shrutakirti, Nakula – Shatanika,  Sahadev – Shrutasena

  1. Apart from Draupadi, who were Pandava’s other wives?
A:  Yudhishtir – Devika (daughter of Govasana), their son Yaudheya
Bhima – Valandhara (daughter of King of Kashi), their son Sarvaga
Nakul – Karenumati (princess of Chedi), their son Niramitra
Sahadev – Vijaya (daughter of dyutimat, king of Madra), their son Suhotra

  1. Which other princesses did Arjun marry during his exile?
A:  A Naga woman  - Ulupi, with her he had a son named: Iravan
Warrior princess of Manipur – Chitrangada, with her he had son named: Babruvahana

  1. With whom was Subhadra’s marriage fixed by Balarama?
A:  Duryodhana. But she secretly loved Arjun and they eloped.

  1. Who taught the art of mace and to whom?
A:  Balarama to Duryodhana and Bhima, but he favoured Duryodhana

  1. Who was Gaya?
A:  a Gandharva, who accidentally spit on Krishna’s head but Subhadra promised that Arjun will save him.

  1. Who challenged Arjun to build a bridge of arrows across the river?
A: Hanuman as monkey.

  1. Who is Nara and Narayana?
A:  Nara is Arjun and Narayana is Krishna

  1. By performing the Rajasuya Yagna, Yudhishtir gained sovereignty, by killing whom?
A:  Jarasandha, killed by Bhima by tearing his body in two halves and then throwing the left part on the right side of right side of right part.

  1. What did Draupadi commented when Duryodhana fell into the pond?
A:  Blind son of blind parents.

  1. Who was selected as guest of honour by pandavas that lead to anger among all other kings?
A:  Krishna

  1. Krishna promised whose mother that he will forgive his 100 sins?
A:  Shishupala. When he abused for the 101th time, Krishna killed him by Sudarshan chakra.

  1. With whom was Gandhari married for the first time?
A: With a goat. Astrologers had predicted that Gandhari’s first husband will have a short life and second husband will have a long life. So they married him with a goat and then sacrificed it, so technically Gandhari  was a widow.

  1. Whose family Bhishma wanted to kill so that the secret dies of with them?
A: Gandhari’s father lied to Bhishma, he was duped for a widow was married to his household. So Bhisma kept Suvala(Gandhari’s father) and all her brothers in jail.

  1. How Dharma was maintained even when Bhishma arrested Suvala?
A: Because Bhishma gave them food, even though it was less but since they were getting food in their daughter’s house so they could not run, and it was adharma to ask for more food.

  1. What did Suvala decided after that?
A: To feed the youngest son Shakuni only so that he survives and takes revenge.

  1. Who made Shakuni limp?
A: his father  Suvala.

    36.   Why Shakuni always won the game of dice?
A:  Because Suvala had asked him to make dices using his finger bones. They will turn in the way they wanted it to turn.


  1. What did Draupadi  said after the last game of dice when Dusshasana was unsuccessful in disrobing Draupadi’s cloth?
A:  She promised that she will not tie her hair until she washes it with Dusshasana’s blood.

  1. What was the last bet in the dice game by the Kauravas?
A: 12 years in exile followed by a final 13th year living in hiding. If discovered in final year, then another 12 years of exile.

  1. Who all went to the exile?
A: 5 pandavas and their wife.

  1. Where was Krishna when Yudhishtir was gambling?
A: Krishna was defending his city Dwarka from attacks of Shishupala’s friends, Shalva and Dantavarka.

  1. Who took care of Draupadi’s children when they were in exile?
A: Krishna’s wives.

  1. What did Draupadi gave Krishna to eat when he asked for food?
A: Half a berry.

  1. What did Sun god gave to Yudhishtir to give to Draupadi?
A: Magic vessel which will be always of food.

  1. Vidura left the Kauravas and went to Pandavas in the forest. But then he came back with which Rishi?
A: Rishi Maitreya

  1. Which Rakshasa did Pandavas killed while they entered the Kamyaka woods?
A:  Kirmira

  1. To teach Kauravas a lesson, who sent the Gandharvas to trouble kauravas?
A: Indra

  1. While in exile, who came to take Draupadi with himself?
A: Jayadrata.

  1. What did Arjun decide to do rather than cursing the fate or being angry?
A: To prepare for the fight so he invoked Shiva.

  1. What did shiva gave Arjun?
A: Weapon called Pashupat

  1. When Arjun went to Amravati to kill Asuras, which apsara approached him?
A: Urvashi

  1. What curse she gave to Arjun?
A: She said that, you are nothing but eunuch, may you loose your manhood instantly.

  1. Which Rishi did Indra sent to earth to inquire about pandava’s well being?
A: Lomasha

  1. Among the rishis who accompanied Pandavas, there was one rakshasa disguised as Rishi. Who was he?
A:  Jata

  1. Who fell in love with Abhimanyu?
A:  Vatsala, Balarama’s daughter.

  1. With whom Vatsala’s marriage was fixed?
A: Duryodhan’s son, Lakshman. But Ghatotkacha carried her in his shoulders so that Abhimanyu could marry her.

  1. With whom was Duryodhan’s daughter’s marriage was fixed?
A: Lakshmani’s  marriage was fixed with Samba (Krishna’s son)

  1. While searching for Golden Lotus, whom did Bhima met?
A: Hanuman

  1. While plucking the fruit of which tree, Draupadi was told that she was not chaste because she could not fix the fruit back?
A: Jambu

  1. What secret did Draupadi revealed? Whom did she secretly loved?
A: She loved Karna

  1. What did Yudhistir did after realizing about Draupadi?
A: He touched her feet for she was no ordinary woman, she was a deity.

  1. Who was Savitri and whom did she love?
A: She was the only child of King Ashwapati, she loved Satyavan ( a woodcutter who had lost his kingdom)

  1. Who was the python who trapped Bhima in its coils?
A: Nahusha, descendent of Pururava who was made temporary ruler of Amravati.

  1. Who freed the serpeant from the curse?
A: Yudhistir’s explanation of “who is a Brahmin?”

  1. Who answered Yaksha’s questions and was that Yaksha in reality?
A: Yudhistir; Yaksha was Yama or Dharma

  1. During the gambling match, whom did Yudhistir gambled away first?
A: Step brothers – sons of Madri

  1. Which Rishi narrater the story of Nala and Damayanti?
A:  Rishi Vrihadashwa; Nala was also a ruler who gambled away everything.

  1. Where was Nala found?
A: In Ayodhya as a ugly dwarf royal cook named Bahuka.

  1. Who transformed Nala into ugliest of man?
A: Karkotaka-a naga

  1. Who taught Nala the art of dice?
A: Rituparna

  1. Where did Pandavas went as disguised people?
A:  They all went to kingdom of Matsya, ruled by Virata
Yudhistir: A Brahmin Kanka
  Bhima: Cook Ballava
Arjun: Dance teacher Brihanalla
Nakula: Groom of horses Damagranthi
Sahadev: Physician of cows Tantipala
Draupadi: Beautician Damagranthi

  1. Who was Kichaka?
A:  Sudeshna was Virat’s wife and Kichaka was Sudeshna’s brother. He wanted Draupadi but was finally killed by Bhima.

  1. With whom was Uttari married?
A:  Abhimanyu


  1. Who eventhough being in Dhritarashtra’s side, never ate in the house of the king?
A: Vidura and his family

  1. What did Krishna ask Duryodhan for pandavas?
A: First: Indraprastha, then 5 villages; then five houses in one village. Duryodhan did not agree so he ordered to arrest Krishna.

  1. What did Dhritarashtra see for the first time in his life?
A: He saw Krishna, the god.

  1. What are Krishna’s weapons called?
A: Disc – Sudarshan, Mace – Kaumodaki, Bow – Saranga, Sword – Nandaka, Conch – Panchjanya

  1. What did Kauravas sent to formally declare the war?
A: Final emissary called Uluka

  1. What did Krishna offered Karna for fighting from Pandavas’s side?
A: Crown of Indraprastha and Draupadi

  1. Karna declared not to fight in the battle as long as ____ was in command?
A:  Bhishma

  1. What did Kunti asked Krishna to tell her sons before the fight?
A: Story of Vidula

  1. Whose friendship tales are famous in Mahabharata?
A: Duryodhan and Karna

  1. Who was Duryodhan’s wife?
A: Bhanumati

  1. Who because of partaken of Kauravas hospitality was obliged to fight from their side?
A: Shalya, maternal uncle of Nakul and Sahadev

  1. What did Krishna advised Shalya to do?
A: Make Karna insecure by repeatedly praising Arjuna. Insecure men make terrible warriors.

  1. Which two Dhritarashtra’s sons did not approve of Duryodhan’s actions and who joined Pandavas?
A: Vikarna and Yuyutsu but Yuyutsu only joined Pandavas.

  1. To seek help Duryodhan and Arjuna entered Krishna’s chambers, who asked what?
A:  Duryodhan sat at the head of bed while Arjuna sat at the foot of the bed. Arjuna asked first for Unarmed Krishna while Duryodhan asked Narayani sena.

  1. Name the armies fighting on the Pandava side?
A:  Led by Dhritadyumna assisted by seven commanders: Arjuna with Krishna as his charioteer, Virata – king of Matsya; Sahadev-king of Magadha; Drupada- king of Panchala; Satyaki- yadava chieftain; Dhristaketu-king of chedi; Vrihatkshatra-rulers of Kekaya

  1. Name 11 armies from Kaurava side?
A: Led by Bhisma assisted by 11 commanders: Kripa-Gautam clan of priests;Drona-bharadwaj clan of priests; Ashwatthama-son of Drona ruler of northern half of panchala; Karna-king of Anga; Shakuni-king of Gandhara; Shalya-king of Madra; Jayadhrata-king of sindhu; Kritavarma-yadava chieftain; Bhurishrava from Bahilika; Sudakshina of Trigarta; Srutayudha of Kalinga; Each of the 11 division was known as: Akshouhini.

  1. What was the commander called who led each division?
A:  Maharathi

  1. What were the rules of the war?
A: Fight will be between dawn and dusk;
No animals will be hurt until prove direct threat;
Many warriors will not fight a single warrior;
Noone will fight an unarmed warrior;
Woman will not enter battlefield;
Noone will interfere when two warriors are locked in a dual.

  1. Who did not take anyone’s side and who was rejected by both the sides?
A: Balarama – neither side and Rukmi –rejected by both.

  1. Name the Kshatriya warriors and the banner above their chariots.
A:   Yudhistir – Crescent moon
Bhima – Lion
Arjun – Monkey
Nakula – Antelope
Sahadev – Swan
Krishna – Hawk
Balarama – Palm tree
Abhimanyu – Deer
Ghatotkacha – Wheel
Ashwatthama – Lion’s tail with golden raya
Bhishma – tree with stars
Kripa – Fire alter
Drona – Pot
Karna – Elephant
Duryodhana – Snake

  1. When was Bhagavad Gita told?
A: Arjun saw both armies on both sides, he did not want to fight so he lowered his bow. Then Krishna sang the bhagwad gita, the scripture which God spoke directly to man.

  1. What was the Conch-shell trumpet called?
A:  Yudhistir-Anant-vijaya
Bhima- Poundrya
Arjun- Devdutt

  1. When was the sacrifice made to Kali?
A: On 9th day of war, Krishna to sacrifice a warrior with 32 sacred marks on the body;
3 warriors had: Arjun, Krishna and Iravan. Iravan was sacrificed.

  1. What was Iravan’s condition before sacrifice?
A: He did not want to die a virgin, he wanted to have a wife who will weep when he dies;
Krishna took Mohini’s form to fulfill his wish.

  1. Whose daughter was Shikhandi’s wife?
A: Hiranyavarna, king of Dasharna

  1. What did Krishna advice Arjun to bend down Bhishma?
A: To believe shikhandi as man and take him in Arjun’s chariot and Bhishma will believe Shikkhandi woman so he would lower his bow. Then Arjun can overpower him.

  1. After Bhishma who led the Kaurava army?
A: Drona

  1. Krishna came in between and converted the dreaded weapon to garland?
A: Vaishnav-astra released by Bhagadatta

  1. Who asked Karna for his earrings and armour?
A: Indra

  1. What did Indra gave in return for his selflessness?
A: A spear that never misses it’s mark. Karna wanted to use against Arjun.

  1. Who captured Yudhistir in the chakravyuh?
A: Dronacharya

  1. Who knew how to breach the chakravyuh formation but not how to escape from it?
A: Abhimanyu; he helped Yudhistir to escape but was killed himself.

  1. What were the different vyuhas created by warriors?
A: Krauncha vyuh – Heron form
Makara vyuh – dolphin
Kurma – turtle
Trishul – trident
Chakra – discus or wheel
Padma – lotus

  1. Who blocked Yudhistir’s way while he wanted to save Abhimanyu?
A: Jayadhrata

  1. What did Arjuna promised to do in order to take revenge from Jayadhrata?
A: To kill him before sunset of the other day or he will burn himself alive.

  1. Why was Drona happy for Arjun’s promise?
A: He planned that Kauravas will protect Jayadhrata so that Arjun cannot kill him and thus he will burn himself.

  1. Who was Jayadhrata’s father and what boon he obtained?
A:  Vriddhakshatra;  whosoever caused his son Jayadhrata’s head fall on ground would have his own head burst into 1000 pieces.

  1. How was Jayadhrata killed?
A: Krishna covered sun so Kauravas felt that it was sunset and since Arjun could not kill Jayadhrata so they all      laughed; Arjun then distinguished Jyadhrata’s voice and shooted the arrow; then Krishna uncovered the sun. Krishna caused the arrow to carry Jayadhrata’s head to fall on his father’s lap; who shocked after seeing that stood up thus his head burst into 1000 pieces.

  1. Who challenged Ghatotkacha for a duel?
A: Alamvusha

  1.  How was Ghatotkacha killed after he defeated Alamvusha?
A:  Karna killed him using the spear which Indra had gifted him.

  1. What lie did Yudhistir told to Drona?
A: Ashwathama is dead.  Buut it was the elephant that died.

  1. Who killed Drona?
A:  Dhrishtadyumna

  1. What weapon did Ashwathama released when he saw the beheading of his father?
A:  Narayana –astra

  1. What did Kunti asked to Karna?
A: Not to kill her sons; karna defeated all Pandavas but did not kill.

  1. Which serpent entered Karna’s quiver?
A:  Naga Ashwasena

  1. How was Karna killed?
A: His chariot wheel was stuck on earth, for taking it out he got down and had to lower his weapons; then Arjun shooted him.

  1. Within whose body was locked a demon whose strength kept multiplying when confronted by an aggressive king?
A:  Shalya, so he was killed by Yudhistir.

  1. Who killed Shakuni?
A:  Sahadev
  1. Who killed all the Kauravas?
A: Bhima

  1. With whose blood did Bhima washed Draupadi’s hair?
A:  Dusshasana

  1. What did Gandhari do so that her son becomes impervious to weapons?
A:  She opened the blindfold of her eyes and gazed upon Duryodhan

  1. Arjun’s chariot was destroyed long ago by whom?
A: Drona

  1. Who was the talking head?
A: Barbareek

  1. Whom did Barbareek recognized to be the greatest warrior?
A: Sudarshan Chakra

  1. Who killed the five sons of Draupadi?
A:  Ashwathama

  1. Who cursed Ashwathama for shooting missiles to kill the unborn child of Pandavas?
A: Krishna


  1. What did Krishna advised Bhima before meeting Dhritarashtra?
A:  To place his iron image before him.

  1. What were those actually on which Gandhari climbed to get the apple?
A:  Bodies of her own sons

  1. What did Dhaumya rishi proposed to the Pandavas after Yudhistir was declared the king?
A:  Ashwamedha Yagna

  1. Who led the army with the royal horse?
A: Arjun accompanied by Nakula

  1. From where was royal horse brought?
A: From city of Bhadravati, king Yuvanashva

  1. Who became Arjun’s new wife while he was with the horse?
A:  Pramila

  1. Who was the son of Chitrangada and Arjun?
A: Babruvahana

  1. Who killed Arjun and then who brought him back to life?
A:  Babruvahana and Ulupi brought him back to life using nagamani.

  1. Where was Krishna killed?
A: Killed by hunter on the shores of Gujarat, place named prabhas patan.

  1. Who brought the yadavas from Mathura with himself?
A:  Arjun

  1. Who was Vajranabhi?
A:  Son of Aniruddha, grandson of Pradyumna, great grandson of Krishna.

  1. Who actually went to Swarga and who to naraka?
A:  Pandavas except Yudhistir went to Naraka  and Kauravas went to Swarga.

  1. How does the epic actually end?
A:  With Yudhisitr’s victory over himself.

  1. What is the difference between Jaya and Vijaya?
A: VIjaya means material victory and Jaya means spiritual victory.

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