Friday, July 31, 2015

Mom's diary.

Blogging has become a dream now, still somehow slowly carrying out the tasks that are imminent from lonnnnn…..g time. Now everything that I want to do has to be appropriately planned; unlike before when I used to plan and carry out in a shot.

What occupies me all the time? What occupies my mind and heart?

I think it’s my shona; shona – the favourite pen name of most of the bong mothers for their kids.

Once the kid enters your life, the life revolves around them; the priority list changes, the thing that had the maximum priority before seems of no importance anymore; the to-do list piles up day by day because someone really special enters your life. Your kid occupies not just your heart and mind but also your desktop background and your mobile wallpaper.

Sometimes I feel that babies are angels in true sense. They really don’t care whether you make them wear costly or cheap dress; they are never bothered whether we use branded or local things for them; they don’t mind for what is their name and title; what they really do care about is how much you love them and how much time you spend with them. With whatever name you call them, if you call them by love, they will surely respond. They understand the language of love and that is all they need. They are not bothered of anything; they do whatever they feel like to do – sing, dance, smile, cry, play; they are so simple and innocent; they are so pure. For them god’s idol or mug or any electronic gadget or any toy - all have the same importance. When they have it, they enjoy it like a valued possession and then leave it and move on. They don’t take much stress for anything; if something is not there then let it be; if they are angry then they cry for few seconds and then they will get distracted for something else. They seem tough to handle but they are so easy going and when we are angry on them, they shower their innocent smile and all the rage gets carried away. I wish we all could be like them.

Once I remember my hubby asked me, "Whether our son knows that I am his father and you are his mother?" and I replied saying that he knows that we are special for him although he does not know the name of this relationship; he cares for our actions and not our names.

Everything about a baby is so cute whether it’s their arrogance or antagonism or love. Howmuchever you adore your baby, it seems you have not adored them at all; howmuchever time you spend with your baby, you want still more time to spend with them; you want to see them, feel them each fraction of a second; you wish to record each and every single moment that you spend with them; you desire to capture their very first of everything – their first word, their first smile, their first step and so many other things.

But of course with all these experiences you also go through an emotional turmoil, you become vulnerable to bad thoughts and get scared that nothing bad should ever happen to my kid. No matter how big a kid grows mother can really seldom stop her from such bad thoughts and kids can never stop themselves from emotional demanding from their mother.

To be continued………………….

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