Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Deepika Padukone’s video is the present hot topic that is doing rounds across social media whether it’s facebook, twitter, youtube…. people are sharing their views for it apparently some for it and some against it.  It had such an impact that within hours of the release of that video, another video was posted for the male version of their choice. Of course, no apprehensions, it’s perceptibly one’s own choice of what they want to do keeping a note of not harming or hurting anyone.

What I am unable to understand is why few men are so insecure if a woman has her own choice? I saw many comments in facebook that were saying that Deepika is misguiding the women by telling them the importance of one’s own choice.

What I felt by watching that video is that we, as a woman should not be judged by the surname we put or by the bindi or bangles or mangalsutra we wear or by the figure we carry or by the marital status we have or by the dress we wear. If I am married but don’t put sindoor on my forehead doesn’t mean that I don’t value my relation with my husband; if I wear jeans that does not imply that I don’t have family values;  if I come home late that does not mean that I don’t love my family.

We can’t deny the fact that there exist crimes against women, whether it is molestation or eve-teasing or rape or domestic violence and all are unfortunately committed by men. We cannot generalize men or women on any basis but we can just come forward together to change the society as a whole that has mutual respect for each other.

We should not be judgmental on basis of assumptions; rather we should esteem the other’s point of view. After all, we must remember that we are all human beings before being a male or a female and we have our life to live so each of us as an individual can have his or her own choice to lead the life the way we want.

For those who have not seen this video, here is the link:

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