Friday, December 27, 2013

Proof of Existence

There comes a time in all our lives when the situations are not in our hands and not in our control then arises the question of the existence of the one whom we know as GOD.

Has anyone seen him physically in front of their own eyes? No. We have only heard about his existence and felt him. We have seen him in photos and in serials as royally dressed and larger than life figures having enormous powers to do almost anything. But how he really is, no one knows; from generations he is imagined like us the humans but is that the truth?

He has created this world and the basic elements necessary for survival; we worship him in temple, mosque and church; we celebrate the festivals remembering him and worshipping him but all these are like unquestionable known facts and we are supposed to believe on these. Is that all? Is our relation with him this much only? We all worship God but does this relation exist as many to one only, I guess not. Don’t we have a one to one relation with him?

Each of us shares the same love and care with God as we share with the person whom we love the most in this world.

I am not God but he exists in me and every other human being; he is the conscience, he is the soul, he is my inner voice, he knows me, he owns me, he exists in my happiness, he exists in my love, he exists in my anger, he is there in my prayers, he is there in my tears, I argue with him, I force him, I beg from him, I fight with him; he is always there with me.

We can never be angry on him because we can never be angry on ourselves because he is the one who has created everything and we know that we are nothing; when we are helpless; we just leave the whole thing on him and surrender ourselves completely and just say, “it is you who has given us these problems, you only will find the solutions.” When we are lost, we beg from him with bowed head and folded hands because we know that it is only he who can bring back the boat of life to the shore and we do believe in the chanting of mantras and prayers because we know that miracles can happen if he wants because we know that he is the supreme power and he can do anything even if it is impossible.

It is this belief of all of us that proves his existence; it is our faith that has kept him in our heart and mind forever. And he listens to us otherwise the rituals and customs would not have existed even after so much involvement of science in day to day life.

   Whatever happens, we always say either “Thank God” or “Oh God”.

---Above excerpt is from my upcoming novel "Morsels of Life".

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