Thursday, November 15, 2012

Diwali Offers

With Diwali offers round the corner I sometimes wonder about diwali offers and schemes which are offered to attract the customers. How people belonging to each profession announce various "free gifts" so that customers buy goods and items in order to receive that free gift.  

I feel how the different diwali offers could be:

  • Doctors will give the offer: "Broken one hand/leg, plaster of other hand/leg for free". 
  • Terrorist's offer for police: "Arrest one person, we will send another criminal for free".
  • Manager to employee: "Apply one day leave and get one more day off for free. Offer applicable for the first hundred employees only."
  • Tuition Teacher: "Pay fees for one subject and get free assistance for another subject."
  • Bank Employee: "Take home loan and get car loan without interest."

Together with offers for clothing and eateries, i wish we could get such types of offers also :-)

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