Friday, September 13, 2013

Apt Judgement

After the death sentence announcement of the four accused of the Delhi rape case, 13 September 2013 has definitely become a big day for celebration. After a wait of almost nine months, the genuine verdict has come. But till those people are actually hanged, the punishment won’t be complete.

I, like many other people hope that if the accused move to high court then even the High court should respect and continue with the decision of death sentence and not drag the case further for years. Supreme Court and President should also reject the mercy plea.  

I just wonder why and how anyone could fight from the accused side. I heard that the lawyer of the accused was telling that if any more rape happens in Delhi, then he will fight for his candidates in High Court. I could not understand his logic. Is this rape a joke for him that he expects everyone not to react and stay casual that rape cases are absolutely normal so none of the accused should be punished? This type of incident is being considered as “rarest of rare” cases; seems like he is out of his mind. Infact that juvenile, who was basically the main culprit, should also be hanged. If not now, then probably after two years when he will be of 18.

If the court remains rigid for their decision and the accused are hanged, then probably it will create a stir and develop fear among those who feel that they can do anything they want and escape without receiving punishment. People should realize that rape is not a mistake to be forgotten but a sin that deserves a severe punishment. If court continues to announce death sentence then it would be a major initiative and a step forward for the development of society as a whole. The fear of death probably would stop people from committing such crimes. After all, a rapist is a rapist and not hindu or muslim or juvenile or adult or young or old and he should be hanged till death.

RIP Nirbhaya.

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