Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Television Serialistic Facts

Television has always been the medium for passing time. After a day of hard-work whether at office or home, we all love to sit in front of the television atleast for some time and enjoy watching it so as to escape our minds from other things.

As kids we had only two channels: National and Metro better known as DD1 and DD2. But now with the emergence of satellite television, number of channels available is nothing less than number of items present in a hypermart. It is like the supermarket having different categories, specifications and choices. With so much of availability, we all now have something as per our own choice. Unlike before when there used to be particular timings for one kind of show like specific time for news/cartoons/music shows/cookery shows/movies, we now have separate channels dedicated only for one particular choice.

Different people have different choices. Reality, cookery, cartoons, news, nature, science: all these shows are fine but I just wonder about the never ending daily soaps, that deal with domestic dealings and family politics. Even with so much of over acting and illogical things, few shows just go on and on. Do people really like these? I just observed few exclusive funny facts about these serials which cannot be applied to real life. These are:

  • Ø  With plastic surgery of face, your height and voice can also be changed;
  • Ø  Daughter in laws of the joint families always wear heavily worked sarees, heels and loads of jewellery even when they sleep;
  • Ø  Half of the dialogues are actually not spoken, wo mann mein bole jaate hain; especially the female villains who communicate with themselves only;
  • Ø  In case of any shocking news or surprise, camera will be focused on the most affected person from all the four sides with all light and sound effects; and other family member’s face will be shown atleast once in black and white;
  • Ø  Characters (most of them) are not committed to one person;
  • Ø  All serials will have one good one and one bad one; good one will be tortured and made suffer for years and all of a sudden when the serial is to be finished then in one episode everything will be resolved and the serial comes to an end;
  • Ø  Whenever the good one plans something, bad one will definitely hear it but when bad one plans out something, good one will never hear that;
  • Ø  Bad ones have over-confidence but good ones have lack of confidence;
  • Ø  Lady villains always have loud makeup like big bindis, huge earrings and all sorts of heavy accessories;
  • Ø Serails will always celebrate some or other festival or occasion and few episodes will be over in showing the arrangement of lavish parties;
  • Ø  People getting bored! TRP reduced! Kill someone….TRP raised drastically from 40% to 90%;
  • Ø  In scheduled time of half an hour, 15 mins goes in advertisements, 5 mins goes off in recap, after the break and next episode; so effectively actual story and dialogues are shown for 10 mins;
  • Ø  Missed the serial for a month, no need to worry; you may find some new characters but story remains at the same point;
  • Ø  Serials are full of makeovers but with seldom change in acting, changes only exist for dressing and hair style;
  • Ø  Latest trends of these serials: MAHAEPISODE and that too on weekends for 1-2 hours;
  • Ø  Story not progressing! Introduce some new character just like that;
  • Ø  Celebrations for completing 100, 200, 500 and then finally 1000 episodes;

Thought about these many, I guess enough. I don’t want to celebrate for remembering 100 such points J

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